Program Services - Mildly III

Florence Fuller Child Development Centers Mildly Ill Clinic
Mary Ann & Harold Perper

The Harold & Mary Perper Center for Mildly Ill Children is the first in a childcare setting in the state of Florida. The Clinic is staffed five days a week by a nurse and provides quality healthcare for a child with a short-term illness, symptoms of illness or even convalescing from surgery. This care for children of economically disadvantaged families will help prevent mild illnesses from developing into major health problems, keep parents at their jobs, and reduce parental stress by knowing their children are safe and in capable hands.

An additional benefit of the Clinic is the Health and Wellness program which includes vision, hearing and dental checkups, with necessary remedial work, performed by professionals. Children are received finger stick screenings for blood hemoglobin and for lead poisoning. In addition, a growth table, height and weight measurements, and assessment of Body Mass Index (BMI) are created for each child to monitor healthy developmental milestones. Mental health counseling via a trained mental health professional is also available to both children and parents. First aid care is available daily for all students.

Services provided by the Clinic are at no cost to parents.

The Mildly Ill Clinic is generously supported by:

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